Is Reelz on YouTube TV? Unveiling the Ultimate Entertainment Combo!

Is Reelz on YouTube TV

YouTube TV has quickly become one of the most popular live TV streaming services, offering robust channel packages at an affordable price. However, with so many channels and add-ons available, it can get confusing figuring out exactly what content is included in YouTube TV. Specifically, many viewers wonder – is Reelz on YouTube TV?

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting Reelz through YouTube TV. We’ll look at the benefits of combining these two entertainment powerhouses and how they deliver the ultimate viewing experience. Let’s unveil whether this fantastic channel is part of the core YouTube TV lineup or requires an extra subscription.

Introducing Reelz – Your Source for Celebrity News

Before determining if you can watch Reelz on YouTube TV, let’s discuss exactly what the Reelz channel offers.

Reelz is an American digital cable network that focuses primarily on entertainment news, celebrity profiles, TV and movie specials, and pop culture documentaries.

Some of their most popular original programs include:

  • Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… – Docuseries profiling and analyzing the final days of famous celebrities and icons like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Patrick Swayze.
  • Murder Made Me Famous – True crime series examing the lives and deaths of well-known killers and criminals.
  • Scandal Made Me Famous – Similar format detailing scandalous events that propelled people into the spotlight like former football star OJ Simpson.
  • Copycat Killers – Another true crime show recounting crimes that were “copied” from movies, TV shows, or previous news events.
  • Behind Closed Doors – Docuseries entering the personal lives and homes of iconic stars and celebrities.

Along with original programming, Reelz also features celebrity-focused miniseries events, red-carpet specials, reality shows, and entertainment news segments.

For pop culture devotees who love keeping up with the latest Hollywood news, hard-hitting documentaries, and true crime dramas, Reelz delivers premium entertainment.

Now let’s look at the details around combining this channel with a YouTube TV subscription.

YouTube TV Overview – Live TV Streaming Made Easy

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service created by YouTube that offers access to 85+ channels for a reasonable monthly price. Here are some key features that make YouTube TV a top cable replacement:

  • Affordable Pricing – Access to over 85 channels for just $64.99/month. Far cheaper than traditional cable. Can be shared by family members.
  • Major Networks – YouTube TV includes CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX, plus cable favorites like ESPN, TNT, FX, and popular news channels. Great for sports, news, and entertainment.
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR – Record an unlimited amount of programs to the cloud DVR and watch anytime. Fast forward through ads!
  • Stream Anywhere – YouTube TV works on phones, tablets, and computers, and supports streaming on 3 devices simultaneously. Watch on the go!
  • Easy Cancellation – No contracts. Cancel anytime hassle-free if you decide YouTube TV no longer meets your needs.

YouTube TV makes cutting the cord easy and affordable. The base package alone provides a robust suite of live channels at a fair price compared to traditional cable.

Next, let’s look at how Reelz fits into YouTube TV’s offerings.

Is Reelz Part of The YouTube TV Channel Lineup?

So what about Reelz? Unfortunately, Reelz is NOT included in the main YouTube TV channel package. The 85+ basic channels do not currently feature Reelz at this time.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still options for combining Reelz and YouTube TV together to create the ultimate entertainment bundle!

While not part of the core lineup, you can subscribe to Reelz through The Hollywood Extra add-on package on YouTube TV.

The Hollywood Extra add-on gives you access to over a dozen bonus entertainment channels, including Reelz, for an additional $7/month:

  • Reelz
  • HDNET Movies
  • Sony Movie Channel
  • MTV2
  • LOGO
  • FM (Fuse Music)
  • Television Network
  • And more!

Adding The Hollywood Extra gives you all these extra entertainment channels to complement your core YouTube TV subscription for just a few dollars more.

This add-on package makes sure fans can access Reelz along with YouTube TV for comprehensive live TV streaming. You’re not limited to one or the other!

Activating Reelz on YouTube TV

If you’re interested in the shows, documentaries, and entertainment content on Reelz, here is the quick process to add it to your YouTube TV subscription:

  1. Sign into your YouTube TV account online or in the mobile app.
  2. Go to “Settings” then “Memberships & Add-ons”.
  3. Select “Try it free” under the Hollywood Extra add-on.
  4. Confirm by clicking “Add”.
  5. Enjoy a 7-day free trial before being charged $7/month. Cancel anytime.

And that’s it! Reelz will now be included along with your core YouTube TV channels. Easy.

You can also manage your add-on subscriptions directly through your Google account for convenience.

Now the exciting Reelz shows and specials focused on the entertainment industry, crimes, and celebrities can complement the diverse content offered in the YouTube TV lineup.

Benefits of Combining YouTube TV and Reelz

Pairing a YouTube TV subscription with the Reelz channel add-on provides the best of both worlds when cutting the cord. Here are some key benefits:

More Choice – YouTube TV already offers tons of options for news, sports, family programs, and more. Adding Reelz provides additional variety focused on pop culture, celebrities, and entertainment.

Comprehensive Streaming – Together you can stream live TV, DVR recordings, YouTube Originals, plus Reelz on-demand content all in one place instead of multiple apps.

Affordable Pricing – Even with the extra add-on, the total $71.99/month cost for both YouTube TV and Reelz is typically cheaper than huge cable bills.

Optimized Streaming – YouTube TV is engineered to provide reliable HD streaming on any device. Reelz programming will stream smoothly.

Enhanced Experience – The combination enriches your overall viewing options. YouTube TV covers all the basics while Reelz caters to celebrity and entertainment enthusiasts.

While keeping costs down by ditching cable, you still want choice. Reelz and YouTube TV together deliver an incredible selection optimizing your streaming entertainment.

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While Reelz is not a part of the main YouTube TV channel lineup, fans of the network can still access it by adding on The Hollywood Extra package for just $7 more per month. This opens up a world of bonus entertainment channels to complement YouTube TV’s core offerings.

The ability to combine Reelz’s true crime docuseries, celebrity profiles, and pop culture coverage with YouTube TV’s robust channel selections, cloud DVR, and easy streaming provides the ultimate entertainment bundle. Ditch your pricey cable package and enjoy next-level streaming with YouTube TV and Reelz!

Now you can cut costs without sacrificing access to the celebrity drama, biopics, entertainment news, and documentary programs that Reelz is loved for. Sign up to unlock the perfect entertainment combo today!


Does a YouTube TV subscription include Reelz?

No, Reelz is not part of the leading YouTube TV channel package. However, it can be added via The Hollywood Extra bundle for $7/month.

What shows does Reelz have?

Reelz is known for original series like Autopsy, Murder Made Me Famous, Scandal Made Me Famous, and Behind Closed Doors profiling celebrities.

Is there a free trial for The Hollywood Extra add-on?

Yes, YouTube TV provides a 7-day free trial of The Hollywood Extra to sample the additional channels like Reelz before paying.

How many channels are in The Hollywood Extra pack?

Over a dozen bonus entertainment channels come with The Hollywood Extra, including Reelz, HDNET Movies, Sony Movie Channel, MTV2, and more.

Can I cancel Reelz on YouTube TV anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the Hollywood Extra add-on subscription through your YouTube TV membership settings anytime to stop being charged if you no longer want access to Reelz.

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