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How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel – a Guide of a beginner


Are you interested in knowing how you can make your channel more profitable and start making money on YouTube? Check out our guide for beginners!
This article will explain how to make money from your YouTube videos for the first time to generate revenue. There are four basic rules for making money from YouTube that include and best way for Buy YouTube Subscribers and monetize your YouTube Channel:
1. You must have at least 1,000 viewers on your YouTube channel.
2. Your videos should have accumulated an average of 4,000 hours of watch time over the past twelve months
3. It is your responsibility to comply with YouTube policies and policies. YouTube rules and policies.
4. You need to have an adsense account that is set up

#1 YouTube partner’s program requirements

Constantly appertained to as constantly appertained to in the YouTube Partner Program, or PPY because it’s generally appertained to as it’s necessary to fulfill all of the conditions listed above before you are linked by YouTube.
launch by carrying 1,000 stoners. It’s enough simple anytime it takes to go to 1000 subscribers, once you reach your thing you will be suitable to meet the need.
Besides having 1,000 subscribers, you need to watch 4,000 hours time for your video content from the formerly twelve months. There’s some confusion about it. I’ll try to clarify it. The first thing to keep in mind isn’t about the quantum of vids you see, but the creator of YouTube vids. This is the amount of content you have watched on your channel of stoners around the world. This is the total number of video content times that stoners have viewed on your channel in the last 12 months( since the date of anything). May have an normal of 4,000 hours watched throughout the duration of your channel. still, only the first 12 months are the number of the YouTube mate’s program.
A couple of farther goods to let you know about the duration of your watch. Live courses are counted toward the whole. Hidden vids also count towardthewhole.However, that time will be removed at the watch hours for your channel, If you cancel or cancel any video. Last but at least if you’ve formerly registered the YouTube Partner program, and the channel watch time is below the 4,000- hour mark for Watch Time, YouTube will not automatically remove you from this mate’s program, but can they can choose their decision toremoveyou.However, 000 hours watch time, see the following video
If you are looking for a deeper explanation about the content of 4.

#2 Following YouTube Guidelines for YouTube Monetization

The next item in the list is the Book of Laws. If you plan to earn money on your videos, you will need to make sure you stay in the rulebook line, since YouTube said: If you apply to join an application to the YouTube partner program to join the program, you are undergoing a normal review to determine if your channel complies with YouTube’s policies and guidance. Only channels that comply with the policies will be accepted in the program.
YouTube continues to monitor the show’s channels to determine if they are still in line with YouTube guidelines and policies. These policies and policies are highly comprehensively provided by YouTube’s ongoing growth to strike an appropriate balance for users, creators and advertisers. It is highly recommended to be familiar with regulations and guidelines in case you plan to make money for your videos in the near future. But, if you are in a TLDR state, a long story short, use the usual sober. If you think a video is not applicable to chances will be avoided at your own risks.

#3 Monetization of YouTube and copyright policies

One of the rules and YouTube programs is the colossal brand problem. In substance, if you use workshop by other generators, it could be that you’re using brand defended accoutrements without their concurrence, but YouTube isn’t agitated to do. This could lead to being monetized or banned from the YouTube mate program. We’ll look at it further.
In utmost cases it’s the main monetization rule. It’s important to make sure to add value to the content of third parties from which a profit is attained and that the videotape content is a substantial original comment and an educational value or a protestation of editorial value. It’s important to be in advance that there’s the possibility that this isn’t enough. It doesn’t give you the right to incorporate the content of others on your videotape every day, since this could be considered a violation of the terms and conditions established by YouTube as an reason against the monetization of your content.
YouTube states that if utmost or utmost of the time of your channel is spent at the same content and you aren’t altering the content by adding your value your own, your channel can not be considered suitable to be part of the Youtube mate program. This policy is to insure that YouTube encourages distinctive and original content through the YouTube mate program and insure that YouTube will cover and rewards those who are working hard to produce the creation of original material.

4 Links to an Adsense Google account with a YouTube channel

If you intend to earn income from your YouTube videos, YouTube needs a way to make money and for the first time it will do so through the use of an AdSense account. Some things you should know about it, in the event that you are already a subscriber for an adsense account already, you are able to use it. You can connect several channels to an Adsense account. And if you don’t yet have an AdSense account yet, you are able to create one in the process of candidating the YouTube partner program.

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